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Barcelona was our first official rest stop.  Two weeks.  Oma and Papa joined us.  We rented a lovely apartment and endeavored to take it easy.


ZE2G9083.jpg Our apartment, okay, it was a lot nicer than this photo implies! 

                                                            The internet bench in front of the grocery store:  ZE2G9078.jpg


IMG_6929.jpg  Anika showing Papa her latest Scratch game. 


Random City Sites: 







Antonio Gaudi's Barcelona

Antonio Gaudi designed many of the older building in Barcelona, and was clearly a huge influence on architecture in the city.  He worked in the mid to late 1800s, building organic curvy structures out of concrete.  Here are a couple examples, from around town:



Familia Sagrada Church


Gaudi's dream building was a church he designed and called the Familia Sagrada.  Work on this church began in 1888, and continues today.  It is anticipated that it will be  completed it in the next 30 years.  It is huge! 





GuŽll Park


Gaudi dreamed up a planned city, which he started to build.  The city failed, but what he had built became a beautiful park, which is affectionately known as the Dr. Seuss Park, which is a little odd, as it predates Dr. Seuss.  


ZE2G9151.jpg ZE2G9135.jpg ZE2G9140.jpg

ZE2G9111.jpg ZE2G9118.jpg

ZE2G9100.jpg ZE2G9102.jpg


The Bus Tour


We found this bus going up the big street next to our apartment, so one day, we got on. 



The Miro Museum


ZE2G9019.jpg  Gee, this one looks familiar...


There is the whole crew, sans photographer, though perhaps the fig-leafed Frenchman could stand in for him.


Anika's Birthday

ZE2G9349.jpg for more photos of Anika's Birthday click here.




Oma brought a few supplies, to make sure we had a good Halloween.  The kids organized a Schokoladeessenmitmesserundgabel.



The Boat Show



IMG_7044.jpg IMG_7050a.jpg

IMG_7053ca.jpg   IMG_7038ca.jpg The dream boat... IMG_7020.jpg


The Zoo

In preparation for our Africa legs, Tasha and Anika were practicing their photography...  The objective on this outing was making sure the eyes were in focus while composing the photo.  And this one takes the prize:

IMG_2756.jpg What a perfect shot, Tasha!

IMG_2784.jpg IMG_2878.jpgIMG_2828.jpg IMG_2835.jpg


From Barcelona we flew to Madrid (since Iberia has discontinued the Barcelona-Cairo flight we had originally booked).  From Madrid, we spent a day waiting for our lost luggage and then took a train down to Algeciras.  From Algeciras we took a day trip to Gibraltar.  Then we took a ferry over to Tangier, Morocco and the train down to Marrakech.


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