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ZE2G9666.jpg This looks like a rock sample you might see in science class, but look again - this is The Rock of Gibraltar! 

On entering Gibraltar by car, which required only that we flash our passports, we were stopped at a red light.  But this is no ordinary red light! After the light turns red, a gate comes down.  Then a policeman places a spiked chain across the road.  (I wouldn't want to run over that!)  Yannis gets out of the car to have a look, but is quickly shushed back in - there can be no leaving your car at this intersection!  Then, a British Airways jet landed right in front of us! 

Welcome to the Gibraltar airport - the country is so narrow, the runway has to run right across the main road leading in and out of town. IMG_2919a.jpg  In fact the land on which the runway sits is reclaimed land.  This used to be a narrow isthmus! 


The Lighthouse

At the very tip of Gibraltar is a lighthouse, and a fine view of Africa when it isn't totally hazy.  It also becomes quite apparent that there are a lot of ships anchored all around Gibraltar, east and west of the peninsula.  Why?  We think they're staged for loading and unloading, but really we have no idea! 

ZE2G9470.jpg ZE2G9466.jpg


Botanic Gardens

Anika was enthralled with all the cacti in this little park! 

ZE2G9493.jpg IMG_7263.jpg ZE2G9490.jpg

IMG_7269.jpg IMG_7270.jpg

IMG_7262.jpg ZE2G9555.jpg IMG_7264.jpg


Nature Reserve

ZE2G9585.jpg It turns out that Gibraltar is the only place in Europe to have "wild" monkeys, the Barbary Macaque.  (While these monkeys aren't kept in cages, they are fed and vaccinated and otherwise cared for, so can you really call them wild?)   


ZE2G9546.jpg ZE2G9524.jpg ZE2G9535.jpg

ZE2G9549.jpg Aren't they so cute? 

ZE2G9622.jpg Until you see this!!!


Rumor has it that these monkeys (sub-apes, actually, as they have no tail) originally came to Gibraltar via an underground tunnel whose exit is in a huge cave, which is also located in the nature reserve. 

IMG_7299.jpg IMG_7303.jpg 


From here we meandered our way down to Marrakech


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