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Down the Danube from Vienna we wandered.  In Vienna it was hard to see the Danube, the city having apparently tried to pretend it was not built on a river.  In Budapest, the river dominates.  On the left back, we have the ancient city of Buda, on the right bank, Pest.  We did have a little difficulty finding our way around the city initially. To read of our troubles, click here - Navigating Budapest.


ZE2G3676pan.jpg Buda Castle

ZE2G3707-RotatedWithBlueBG.jpg Yep, a manhole cover.


ZE2G3610.jpg ZE2G3613.jpg ZE2G3621.jpgZE2G3715.jpg ZE2G3782.jpg ZE2G4026.jpg

ZE2G3669.jpg ZE2G3696.jpg

ZE2G3690.jpgZE2G3864.jpg Monument to former Hungarian kings.

The tunnel under Castle Hill in Buda from the Erzsebet Hid (the bridge we missed entirely from the other side!  Now you see why!)




The Labyrinth under the Buda castle


ZE2G3755.jpg The entrance


There is a huge maze of winding tunnels under the Buda castle and it's surrounds. It was nitially used for transportation of goods and storage; now it has become a whimsical destination.  There are the prehistoric caves, where animals have been painted on the walls.  There is an area that might once have been a wine cellar, which now has a red wine fountain in it, making the whole place smell of fermenting fruit.  There are spooky statues, and a completely dark maze that you navigate by following a rope.  There is also the "museum" part, where authentic looking museum signage marks modern day "fossils" such as ATM machines, laptops and other necessities of our time. 





The Museum of Natural History


We read in a local newspaper that a gigantisaurus was on loan from a museum in Argentina.  These are the biggest carnivorous dinosaur bones ever found.  Well, we simply had to have a look! 






The Zoo


IMG_4651.jpg All the usual animals; here was our favorite:


This guy was amazing.  We stood and watched him for a little while.  Then he went to his food dish and grabbed a grape.  He brought it over to us, as if to give it to us.  We were perplexed, until the regulars came in.  They took the grape from him, and handed it back, again and again and again!


Pal-Volgyi Varlang


ZE2G4083.jpg On yet another rainy day, we decided it would be fun to see a cave.



Hard to believe that there could be a fossilized sand dollar in the midst of this huge cave, nowhere near an ocean!



Bratislava, Slovakia


From Budapest, we drove north, stopping in Slovakia for lunch.  It was raining, so our plan to have a nice look around town was thwarted!  Here is about all we saw of Bratislava:



Driving between the major, old towns in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and even the former East Germany, the utilitarian, soviet, concrete block architecture polluted the the landscape.  For some reason we neglected capture this photographically!  (Sorry.)


From Slovakia we drove into the Czech Republic up to Prague



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