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The Czech Republic

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Prague is a beautiful city, complete with cathedrals and castles and gardens and quaint narrow streets.  The cityscape is beautiful!  Even ordinary row houses often had turrets, and so the towers, castles and cathedrals must have turrets on their turrets! 

The Czech Republic consists of two parts, Moravia and Bohemia! 


The Cityscape






By day...                                                                                      By night (it was interesting how the colors were washed out)









The Prague Castle


ZE2G4697.jpg ZE2G4518.jpg


The Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge over the Vltava river.



The same scene at night.



As we walked by the gates of the castle, one of us asked know why the statues atop the gates had to be so violently engaged!  One is stabbing a guy, the other is clubbing a guy.  Gruesome! Another asked what the guards were guarding.  Which was a good question as well - the gates were standing wide open. 



ZE2G4236.jpgZE2G4237.jpgGuess what Anika was doing!









The Charles Bridge





Early in the morning, you can really get a sense of all the spires and turrets:




The Astrological Clock



Much like Munich, there is a clock that people come to see in Prague.  (Many people, as you can see!)  Hourly it does it's thing, which starts with a skeleton ringing a small bell, and then a series of characters dancing in the windows on top.  When it is finished, then the church tower bell begins to ring.   It is called the Astrological clock, and it does in fact keep track of astrological things.  My favorite is the small black sphere on what appears to be a second hand.  This sphere is half black, half white, and it completes one full rotation every 28 days, thus it keeps track of the phase of the moon.  As you can see we had just the smallest of crescent moons when we were there! 



The Playgrounds


Always a hit!


ZE2G4480.jpg okay, not all parts are a hit!  But what a cute ride for the smaller kids!


Fred and Ginger


ZE2G4557.jpg"Watch out, Anika!"  ZE2G4455.jpg "Oops, sorry"

ZE2G4481.jpg Anika is always the scapegoat! 


This building is honestly called "Fred and Ginger" or "The Dancing House!"


The "Eiffel Tower"


This is a tower that sits on the hill adjacent to the castle.  It looked interesting, so the kids hiked on up. 

Next to the tower is a mirror labyrinth and wacky mirror fun house.  We had some fun there! 



More Public Art



ZE2G4147.jpg ZE2G4436.jpg

                                                                        The emergence of the Czech Republic from communist rule. 

ZE2G4608.jpgZE2G4612.jpg We almost missed this guy! 


At first we thought these were parking meters, so Tasha had a look where you would throw the money in.  No slot.  Then we looked more closely, every one of these guys is unique!  And they run the length of the block!  Hundreds of people walked by as we examined them, and no one else even seemed to notice. 


Our House

We managed to find a lovely 2 bedroom apartment just 2 blocks from the State Theater and the river.  Surprisingly, they neglected to mention the free exercise program that was included. ;-)



See these stairs - 4 flights of them just to keep us in shape.   106 steps each way, but who's counting? 



Fortunately, we didn't let a first impression hold us back - our apartment building, the door covered in graffiti, with the convenience store right next door.  It ended up being a very nice place, conveniently located with lots of space for us and with the apartment's free internet connection we didn't have to find an internet hotspot.  And, of course, our legs were much stronger when we left!


From Prague we drove to Berlin


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