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Visiting Athens is all about visiting family, though we did try to mix in a little sightseeing.



ZE2G6853.jpg ZE2G6903.jpg  ZE2G6956.jpg ZE2G6957.jpg ZE2G6948.jpg


It was a glorious Sunday when we headed out for Athens and the Acropolis on the train with Apostolos and his eldest sons Panayioti and Nicko.  Arriving at the train station is like entering a museum.  When they excavated to build the station, they dug through 12 - 15 layers of civilization.  In addition to leaving some of the excavations exposed, they placed all of their finds in the station itself, so it more nearly resembles a museum than the kind of station you might find in Chicago.  (See the ticket machines below?)

ZE2G6836.jpg ZE2G6838.jpg IMG_8569.jpg  (This is a different train station, with the same museum feel.)

We started at the Acropolis Museum, which hasn't officially opened yet.  They are open for two hours on Sundays, though there isn't much to see yet.  As with the station, when they began construction they ran into lots of archeologically significant finds.  They have constructed the museum atop a working excavation, with glass floors over much of it so you can look down on the work.  What they have currently displayed is mostly from this most recent dig.  However, the father of one of Nicko's friends is responsible for the movement of the great sculptures from atop the Acropolis into the new museum.  He offered to give us a tour.  Wow!  When you come out on the top floor you have a shining bright view of the Acropolis and what remains of the Pantheon.  The top floor of the new museum has the exact footprint and orientation of the Pantheon, with columns in the proper places.  They are in the process of mounting the marble friezes on the walls in the appropriate places, at least the ones they have.  The ones that are in museums around the world has been copied and mounted as well, though in a different shade.  When this museum opens it will be gorgeous! 

ZE2G6862.jpg ZE2G6844.jpg  You can see Anika was very impressed!


Then we climbed up to the top of the Acropolis. 

ZE2G6898.jpg ZE2G6892.jpg

ZE2G6940.jpg ZE2G6908.jpg

Here we are atop the Acropolis with Apostolo and his oldest sons, Panayioti and Nicko.



Christmas in Glyfada


At our house on Christmas Eve:

ZE2G6985.jpg IMG_8365.jpg What we found in our stockings. 

At Zoe and Apostolo's house on Christmas day:

ZE2G7003.jpg ZE2G7014.jpg

ZE2G7015.jpg ZE2G7018.jpg

Sonia and her cousins Zoe (with Marios), Theoni, Anna and Lela.    Yiayia and her sister Efthymia.

ZE2G7034.jpg Yannis and Anika goofing around.


Hanging out with the Cousins



















New Year's - 2008

IMG_8524.jpg IMG_8536.jpg IMG_8509.jpg

Apostolo does the honors and Effie finds the coin.  2008 will be a good year for her! 


IMG_8544.jpg Look, we have our own pita - this time the house won. 


At Cousin Anna's House

ZE2G7062.jpg ZE2G7067.jpg


Conquering the Mountain Out Back

IMG_8554.jpg ZE2G7462.jpg

Behind our apartment in Glyfada there was a big hill, that separated us from Athens and from the airport.  We thought it would be fun to have a look what was on the other side.  We packed a picnic and set out.  First revelation - there is no path!  If you want to go to the top - make your own way!  Second revelation - it is cold up there, with the wind howling in your ears, especially in the shade.  Anika and Newenka decided that the outlook from halfway up the hill was good enough for them and after the picnic they headed down.  Yannis and Tasha were determined to conquer the hill.  And conquer they did!  (Though Yannis was very sore the next day!)

ZE2G7492.jpg ZE2G7493.jpg ZE2G7483.jpg

ZE2G7453ca.jpg ZE2G7444.jpgZE2G7496.jpg The view from the top was magnificent! 




Crossing over the canal at Corinth is an impressive thing! 

ZE2G7073.jpg ZE2G7075.jpg

 ZE2G7205.jpg ZE2G7210.jpg

ZE2G7212.jpg ZE2G7237.jpg ZE2G7240.jpg

ZE2G7215.jpg ZE2G7217.jpg ZE2G7219.jpg ZE2G7220.jpg

ZE2G7245.jpg ZE2G7250.jpg ZE2G7257.jpg


Kato Samiko


ZE2G7112.jpg ZE2G7120.jpg Lunch with Uncle Nick

ZE2G7298.jpg Tasha trumpets in the Arvanitis orange grove.ZE2G7327.jpg Anika and Uncle Nick.


A hike up the ancient (local) acropolis from the village is a good way to work off the big lunch. 

ZE2G7171.jpg ZE2G7187.jpg

ZE2G7142.jpg ZE2G7167.jpg

ZE2G7141.jpg ZE2G7164.jpg A view of the village from atop the Ancient Acropolis.

ZE2G7196.jpg ZE2G7190.jpg A view of the burned area near Kaiafa

ZE2G7105.jpg ZE2G7096.jpg ZE2G7108.jpg on the beach in Kaiafa



Delphi - the Famous Oracle

ZE2G7336.jpg IMG_8492.jpg First a drive across the new Rio-Antirio bridge at Patra.

We drove the long way back to Athens from Olympia, in order to stop off in Delphi.  We had lunch in the quaint town of Atea and then drove up the hill to Delphi, arriving 15 minutes after they closed at 3 p.m.  Bummer.  This meant we missed the museum and the temple to Apollo.  Lucky for us, the temple to Athena just down the hill was still open. 

ZE2G7357.jpg ZE2G7347.jpg ZE2G7360.jpg

ZE2G7363.jpg ZE2G7386.jpg ZE2G7383.jpg  ZE2G7394.jpg ZE2G7396.jpg


Sunio - Poseidon's Temple


This is the site of a temple to Poseidon.  The location is ideal - it sits out on a peninsula far out into the Aegean. 


ZE2G7500.jpg ZE2G7525.jpg

ZE2G7510.jpg ZE2G7504.jpg


The Arvanitis Names Day Party







Lunch in Papagou

ZE2G7674.jpg ZE2G7683.jpg


 From Greece we flew to Amman, Jordan.


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