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[Birds of the Serengeti]

In the Serengeti we stayed in a mobile camp.  This camp moves as the wildebeest migrate across the Serengeti.  Unfortunately, camp sites need to be reserved in advance, so someone has to guess where the wildebeest will be in advance.  This is where the wildebeest usually are in November.  But this year, the little rains were late, and so were the wildebeest!  They come down when the grass is lush and green.  So we saw no wildebeest on the Serengeti.  But we saw other interesting things.  We saw a leopard in search of a mate.  We saw lots of lions waiting for the wildebeest.  We saw a prowling Serval cat pounce on a mouse.  We also saw a dozen large vultures cleaning off a kill.  And in the evenings we sat by the fire watching "bush TV." 

ZE2G4125.jpg ZE2G3045.jpgZE2G3043.jpg ZE2G3207.jpg


ZE2G3467 merged.jpg ZE2G3481.jpg


ZE2G3493.jpg ZE2G3489.jpg

Yannis and Tasha were captivated by the vast expanses of the Serengeti.  One day we stopped off for our picnic lunch near a few trees.  It was an eventful lunch.  First, Tasha lost a tooth.  It went from not even loose to out in no time!  Our guide, Arnold, showed Tasha how to toss her tooth to the lions in exchange for good luck.   At the same picnic, Anika stepped on an acacia twig and a thorn went straight through her crocs (shoe) and into her foot.  We spent a long time digging the last little bit of the thorn out of her foot.  Yannis later confirmed that those thorns are sharp when one went straight through his sneaker and stopped just short of making a corresponding hole in his foot - definitely hiking boot territory.


Thompson's Gazelle

ZE2G3146.jpg ZE2G3647.jpg




ZE2G3194.jpg ZE2G3170.jpg  

ZE2G3182.jpg ZE2G3189.jpg ZE2G3686.jpg



ZE2G3233.jpg Look, he's out of the water!



ZE2G3419.jpg ZE2G3496.jpg








Black Backed Jackal







  ZE2G3793.jpgZE2G3770.jpg scent marking



ZE2G3575.jpg ZE2G3561caps.jpg



Serval Cat

ZE2G3619.jpg ZE2G3622.jpg ZE2G3637.jpg



ZE2G3131ca.jpg ZE2G3719.jpg

A lilac-breasted roller and a red-billed hornbill.  We have taken hundreds of bird pictures.  Click here to see some of the Birds of the Serengeti.


ZE2G3854.jpg ZE2G3212.jpg We call this rightmost one a self portrait. 

ZE2G3242.jpg ZE2G3760.jpg  ZE2G3270.jpg

From the Serengeti we flew back to Manyara, and drove down the great rift valley into the Manyara National Park. 



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