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Birds of the Serengeti

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ZE2G3131ca.jpg ZE2G3137ca.jpg  Lilac Breasted Roller

ZE2G3119.jpg ZE2G3122.jpg  Magpie Shrike, Pygmy Falcon

ZE2G3147.jpg ZE2G3150.jpg Ruff

ZE2G3876.jpg ZE2G3863.jpgThree-banded Plovers

ZE2G3868.jpg ZE2G3912.jpg Cape Teal & Black-winged Stilt

ZE2G3528.jpg ZE2G3155.jpg White-bellied Bustard and Yellow-necked Spurfowl

ZE2G3325.jpg ZE2G3339.jpg Speckle-fronted Weaver and D'Arnaud's Barbet

ZE2G3655.jpg ZE2G3554.jpg White-browed Coucal and African Hoopoe

ZE2G4190.jpg ZE2G3878 cropped tight.jpg Fisher's Lovebirds

ZE2G3891.jpg Ring-necked Dove ZE2G4067.jpg Ruppell's Long-Tailed Starling

ZE2G3954.jpg ZE2G3892.jpg Brown Snake Eagle ZE2G3706.jpg ZE2G3712.jpg Black-shouldered Kite

This one has caught a little something for lunch!

ZE2G3544.jpg Long-crested Eagle & White-backed Vulture

ZE2G3663.jpg ZE2G3965.jpg Rppell's Vultures

ZE2G3924.jpg Lappet-faced Vulture

ZE2G3719.jpg Red-billed Hornbill


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