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Ngorongoro Crater

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A fascinating place this crater is!  It is actually the caldera of a volcano that exploded a couple of million years ago.  In the caldera is a large lake, making this an attractive place for animals.  Yet the mix of animals is very different than the mix we experienced in Tarangire, just a hundred kilometers away.  The Crater seems to be a carnivore paradise.  Perhaps because there are few trees to hide behind, or because the need for water is so great.  There are lions, cheetah, two types of hyena and two kinds of jackal on the floor of the crater.

ZE2G1651.jpg ZE2G1656.jpg

ZE2G2086.jpg ZE2G3006.jpg

Here we stayed in the CC Africa Ngorongoro Lodge, shown above.  Wow, what a place!  Still, no movement after dark without an escort, though.  On arrival there was a herd of zebra in the meadow outside our huts.  There were also some loner, male buffalo hanging out.  It was these loner buffalo that seemed to worry the Masai warriors who provided the escort service; apparently the lone males can become aggressive. 


Unlike Tarangire, which is a huge park with little traffic, the Crater is a small park with lots of traffic, but still a fascinating place to spend a couple of days.

We remember the Crater fondly, as this is where we experienced our first and our second lion kills! 

The Lion Kill

To read more about this exciting adventure, click here.

ZE2G2560.jpg ZE2G2582.jpg

ZE2G2636.jpg ZE2G2727.jpg ZE2G2755.jpg

This was quite an experience for Yannis, one he just can't stop talking about.   Want to see more about it?

Furry Animals And One Reptile:




ZE2G1899.jpg ZE2G1843.jpg

ZE2G1900.jpg ZE2G1906.jpg


ZE2G1913.jpg ZE2G1881.jpg


There are only male elephants in the crater.  It is simply too dangerous for the females to come down here with their young. 


ZE2G1956.jpg ZE2G1896.jpg


ZE2G1916.jpgZE2G1933.jpgOkay, it is hard to say that the baby hippo is cute, but he is small!
















"I'm singing in the rain..."



ZE2G2208.jpg ZE2G2216.jpg

ZE2G2248.jpg When you have an itch in the middle of your back, sometimes it's the only way!

ZE2G2277.jpg ZE2G2257.jpg ZE2G2259.jpg


ZE2G2226.jpg ZE2G2273.jpg

Other AnimalsZE2G1808.jpg



Striped jackal








Flamingoes watched over by a jackal






 ZE2G1644.jpg ZE2G2132.jpg Two baboons and a chameleon

ZE2G3000.jpg ZE2G1831.jpg

Rhinoceros with baby                                                                 Warthog


Feathery Animals


ZE2G1694.jpg ZE2G1692.jpg Mousebirds

ZE2G1737.jpg ZE2G1745.jpg Two Little Bee Eaters, ♂ and ♀

ZE2G2455.jpg ZE2G1963.jpg Kori Bustard and Helmeted Guineafowl

ZE2G2834.jpg ZE2G2826.jpg

ZE2G2980.jpg ZE2G2917.jpgCrowned Cranes

ZE2G2979.jpg ZE2G2963.jpg Secretary Bird and Black Headed Heron

ZE2G2114.jpg ZE2G2120.jpg Schalow's Turaco

ZE2G2877.jpg ZE2G2170.jpg Superb Starling and Speckled Pigeon

ZE2G3069.jpg Lilac Breasted Roller

ZE2G2083.jpg Augur Buzzard

ZE2G2848.jpg ZE2G2850.jpgZE2G2853.jpg


From Ngorongoro Crater we traveled into the middle of the Serengeti.


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