WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships 2012

Dublin, Ireland - Aug. 12-18


Days 1 & 2 - Aug 13, 14


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USA vs Israel


Awesome layout for the point!

Go Tasha!

"What makes you think the hair color isn't natural?!"


Spirit Circle Game - Pterodactyl


Teams USA & Israel





USA vs Great Britain






The GB Line



The fans dressed for the occasion

Good use of a pole as a seat back - looks like a comfy spot to me!

Two defenders converging on the disc ...


... for a D.

Teams USA & Great Britain





USA vs Australia


5 players going up for the disc ...

... Team USA comes down with it.


Spirit Circle


Sharing some culture - Vegemite - yumm (we lived in Australia for 2 years ... it is definitely an "acquired taste" :-) )


Teams USA & Australia






USA vs Russia


Younger sister with a cool hat.

Cheering and helping the team even with an icepack!

Photographer/dad's note: one thing that I find both impressive and moving at this tournament is the sportsmanship and camaraderie these players exhibit.  After competing fiercely on the field for 90 minutes, they get together in the Spirit Circle and share praise and play games.  The hugs and smiles are genuine and the emotions touching.  I think it says a lot about the character/confidence of these women and the underlying spirit of the ultimate game.

Coach crashing the fun :-)


Teams USA & Russia



Day 3 Photos (USA vs Austria U17)


Day 4 Photos (USA vs Italy, Open/Men's USA vs Italy, USA vs Colombia)


Day 5 Photos (USA vs Germany, Open/Men's USA vs Canada)


Day 6 Photos (Championship Game Open/Men's USA vs Colombia, Championship Game USA vs Colombia)




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