WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships 2012

Dublin, Ireland - Aug. 12-18


Day 4 - Aug 16


Power Pool Play (facing teams from the top 3 in other pools)


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USA vs Italy





You'd never be able to tell that a tree had fallen on her the day before!

(though I like the pattern of the blue tape on the injured knee)




Seeing the open cutter ...

...for the point!

Our D was particularly effective against the Italians in the windy conditions and we ended up with 3 Callahans.  This was #3.

(for those less familiar with Ultimate, a Callahan is a point scored by the defense catching it their own endzone)




Post Spirit Circle photo opps :-)


Some international training on useful moves






Open Division (men's) - USA vs Italy

We had a large break between our games, so we grabbed some lunch and headed over to the other set of fields to support our Open team.








USA vs Colombia

This was our toughest match to date.  The Colombia team, the #1 seed at the tournament, was excellent - fast and always flying - and very loud (their men's team was there supporting them too). 


Toss in some cool, windy, rainy conditions and you get a very tight game.   This was the first game our team had that was not won by reaching the point cap (15 or 17).  Instead, we hit the softcap after 90 minutes at a score of 6-5.  This tournament did not use hardcaps, so the first team to 8 would win. 


The points were long, with many turns, and the play was intense.


Let the Mud Bath, err, I mean the Colombia Game begin

note the relatively clean state of the clothing and compare it to the end of the game :-)

I thought this was a neat way for the team to indicate their readiness to receive the Pull.


Getting to the disc just before the flying defender.

That way


Offering a helping hand ...

... immediately followed by relentless pressure.






A toss for the potential win ...

... it was good. 


Once again, even after over 100 minutes of very intense competition, these ladies showed a lot of respect and admiration for each other and showed that they could have a good time together.

Teams USA & Colombia



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