WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships 2012

Dublin, Ireland - Aug. 12-18


Day 5 - Aug 17


Single Elimination Games for the Championship


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USA vs Germany

This was another tough match for our team.  We started off strong and took the Germans to half, but the Germans were not going to give up.   They came back strong in the second half.  The play was intense as both sides knew what was at stake - after 90 minutes, the softcap went into effect and the game would be won by the first team to reach 13.


He really wanted that bird's eye view.



And there I was trying to take another picture of the fans when some Ultimate player comes jumping into the frame and ruins the shot :-)

The German women made many good D plays.





Yup - we're in the championship!


Spirit Circle

Teams USA & Germany





Open Division (men's) - USA vs Canada

Managed to get over to the men's game about an hour into it - the score was close and clearly the competition was intense.





I just thought this shot was pretty cool even if he didn't catch the disc :-)

Looks almost like US football.

Threading the needle

The point ...

... he's pumped ...

... as are the fans!

After the game, the US Women's team formed a celebration tunnel for the men.  Both teams play in the championships on Saturday, and both will face Colombia.




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