WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships 2012

Dublin, Ireland - Aug. 12-18


Day 3 - Aug 15


Only 1 game today against the U17 team from Austria.


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USA vs Austria U17


The weather forecast called for the heaviest rain between 10 and noon - right during our game time. But a little rain and wind wasn't going to slow our team down (though it would put an abrupt and frightening damper on the post game activities).


I'm glad I'm not in charge of laundry tonight.

 You gotta love the support from the sides...


...complete with tackle hug!

full disclosure: #32 was already on the ground ;-)


Beep beep - coming through.

Yep, gotta line the fields even in the rain.

The loyal fans came out - though they did make use of the shelter offered by some of the trees.



Half-time lessons - I'm sure they'll come in handy on some play :-)


While they might be U17 and a little less experienced than our team, they weren't about to be intimidated...nice D!


Even in the pouring rain, both teams were all smiles.

Spirit Circle in the shelter of some nearby trees.

An Austrian player celebrating her birthday was serenaded with a loud (and, IMHO, pretty well sung) round of "Happy Birthday."

Everything was going as usual with wrist bands getting handed out and lots of smiles and laughter.

Normally in this closing row of a game's photos I have included a combined team picture, but that was not meant to be on this day.  Without any warning, there was a loud sound of cracking wood and a second later, a large branch came crashing down on the circle.  Several players were trapped under the branch.  It was too heavy for us to move by ourselves, but luckily there was an Open game going on just 50 feet away - within seconds, a dozen guys were here and helped lift the branch to get the players out.  Kudos to those young men who, without hesitation, stopped playing and came over to lend a hand.  I'd estimate that the trapped players were pulled out within 60-90 seconds of the branch falling.


It was frightening and a shock to many players on both teams, but it sounds like the girls that got knocked down and trapped are back with their teams and will be ok. 

My wishes to them for a speedy and complete recovery.

The two connected branches that snapped off.



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