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MY (Anika's) dog photos from the Hong Kong Dog Park. 

The font is Enviro it won't work if it isn't. .  Sorry.

Yes, I did take pictures like that.  It explains why they're all crooked.


That guy was blowing bubbles and the dog was going bonkers to get them.



Cute little Doggy trying to lick Tash.  Cute Little Doggy living (This is a capital 'L') up to his name (her?).

  Bottle Dog walking around

Follow the leader was a fun game to the dogs.



Cute Little Doggy saying hello to someone twice his size.  Bubble Dog looking (L) where the bubbles come from.

(Getting confused with names yet?) (There are more to come!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha.)



Bubble Dog politely looking (L) at the camera.  Cat Dog on a leash.

Fuff Dog/Brownie Dog and Bottle Dog.



Bottle Dog at a strange angle.  Another game of follow the leader (L (Do you know what capital 'L' looks (L) like yet?) looks (L) like this).  (LIGHT BULB)



Cat Dog (It doesn't really look like a cat anymore)  Whoops!  Bottle Dog #1, Bottle Dog #2 (Is that #3 back there?)

Cute Little Doggy is making friends.  Bubble Dog is making friends.



Cute Little Doggy has ditched Bubble Dog and taken up Cat Dog!

Cat Dog trying to be a cute little dog.  He's found his role model.  Army Dog and Bottle Dogs #1, 2, 3



Bottle Dog#1, 2, 3.  What did I say about follow the leader?  (Uh, don't remember)



Army Dog chasing away enemy spies or as Mama said just being mean.  Downward Dog and Long Hair Dog

Bubble Dog, White Bubble Dog and Black Dog.  Bottle Dog!!!!!!!!



White Bottle Dog.  The real Bottle Dog.



Cat Dog with paw prints.  Brownie Dog.


Yellow Shirt Dog (I'm trying to be helpful with the names) and Bottle Dog



Cat Dog and Bottle dog down low



Yellow Shirt Dog and Greyback (No 'dog' in the name!!!!!).  Yellow Shirt Dog, Greyback, Greyback Twice Removed From the Grey and Cat Dog.

Bottle Dog's head and an amazing view of the bottle that gave him/her his/her name.

Blue Bottle Dog (One has a collar one doesn't), Brownie Dog and something-or-other dog.



Blue Bottle Dog and Bottle Dog make friends with lonely ol' Brownie Dog.



Apparently he's not very good company.  Obviously they are.

Brownie Dog in shame with Blue Bottle and His (Her) Bottle.  Bottle Dog's in there, too.  Fox Dog.



Shaking!  "Ahhhhh!"  Greyback (Here we go) Twice Removed From the Grey



Blue Bottle Dog's faithful servant and mad Brownie Dog.  Bottle Dog and Blue Bottle Dog

Blue Bottle Dog gives up on his faithful but slow servant.  Is Blue Bottle Dog doing any better?


  They're all slow.


Hi, this is Anika at pleased to make the acquaintance of anyone patient enough to read this page and get to the bottom.  No, I don't remember the names either, sorry if I was confusing you with my names and l's.  Sorry if you think the lower case 'l' looks like a lower case 'l'.  I didn't.  Well, ta ta for now.


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