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These are Anika's Musings for the first 5 months of our trip:


November 11, 2007


More pigeons have been added to the pigeon page.



November 9, 2007


IMG_7544.jpg Horton, Ozzie and their new friend Fred, in a tree in our little riad in Marakech.  And here they are again, in the big riad:

IMG_7549.jpg ZE2G0235.jpg Anika's new friend, Kleinie. 


October 30, 2007


I had the best b-day you can have when your 1000 miles from anyone you know

(My family does not count, I know them from head to toe)



Anika's Birthday Montage, prepared by her mother!


ZE2G9233.jpg Anika is up early, ready for her scavenger hunt! 




Tasha and Anika translate an obscure clue.                            Anika employs the Individual Kinetic Encoding Apparatus (IKEA, for short)

ZE2G9283.jpg      ZE2G9289.jpg

The two hunters assemble the final puzzle, and Anika scores lots of loot.  (Oh the packing nightmare...)


On the cake front, we had some trouble.  No good candles!  (oops)  The first attempt, matches, strikes out.  The large candle is unsatisfactory.  Bummer.

ZE2G9349.jpg So the next day we fixed our blunder, and Anika got to eat the candles, too! 


October 22, 2007 somewhere in southern France:

IMG_6902.jpg Anika in travel mode. 

October 9, 2007

ZE2G7057.jpg Ozzie and Horton at the Vatican


September 29 - Hamburg




September 9

For a Painting in a Store in Prague

                by Anika

A sailboat going to high sea,

Away from land and misery.

Heading to more blue and blue,

in a shining boat all new.

The farther you look, the darker it is.

The water is wave less, it has no fizz

Waiting for an adventure to come,

and hoping a storm won't finish them.

It's only a picture, but that's okay,

because now I want to sail away.



August 10


IMG_3157.jpg Clicked clack,  Clickity clack down, down, down the track.

A cog wheel track in Gridelwald


August 8


More poetry:


Good Night


A good night is when you dream.

A good night is more that it may seem.

A good night has no nightmare,

Because a nightmare really isnít fair.

A good night must be to your liking:

Girls a Barbie, boys a Viking.

A friend had to tell this to me.

I never had a good night, you see.




Dancing is my pet

Letís waltz to the tune all night.

Letís waltz to the tune, lovely sight.

Now the waltz tune is slowing

It is home weíll be going,

But this one has a nice beat

Come, come weíll leave our seat

and waltz to the minuet!










I am swaying in the wind,

Like a lot of graceful dancers jumping.

Happy 'til I hear the thumping.

Of course it's an ax.

I'm falling at last.

I'm not old enough,

Just 100 and some stuff.

I can't believe what I'm hearing:

It's screaming and some cheering.

I can't believe I fell.

I'm a living thing as well. 






A Good Book


A good book brings you somewhere cool.

A pretty mountain, a lovely pool.

If the book does not drag you away.

Then youíre better off going outside to play

A good book brings you somewhere new

Letís go grab a good book, too



The Fly Swatter


Run, run itís the fly swatter!

Run , run my son, my daughter!

Run run into the pot.

Ha, ha, false alarm.  SWAT




July 20




                    around the world we go

                    we're Americans so we'll hang low

                            through rain or shine

                            I said that is fine

                    I hope that doesn't include snow



                                    limwreck as in it does not rhyme

                    it's raining it's pouring

                    the old man is snoring (if it's loud you can say my dad is snoring)

                            Went to bed

                            bumped his head

                    And couldn't get up in the morning


    it's a weak rhyme



July 11

The Lying Lion, by Anika


There's a lion lyin' in the sun lyin'. 

He said he was as big as a house

He said his claws were as big as a mouse

He said his teeth were as sharp as knives

He said he had eleven giraffe wives

He said he could fly to the moon

He said he would have a baby soon

Oh, he said this, he said that

He said he was thin but he's really fat

Finally I left that lyin' lion lyin' there. 


July 8 -

Pigeon pictures posted - see pigeons


July 2 -

A poem about our first day in Helsinki:

Linnemški, by Anika


We went to an amusement park galore.

We brought a water bottle and no more.


The roller coaster rides were really fun,

But we left, so now we're done.


My mom said she got the dry seat on the water ride,

But it turned out she actually lied.


On that ride we were hit by a waterfall!

That's the water ride, but it's not all.


We went on the Ferris wheel up to the sky;

That's what's my mom thought, we weren't that high!


Wanted to go on freefall, that was my endeavor,

I couldn't do it, but it was the best day ever!!! 


June 25 - On the train from Moscow to St. Petersburg


A Couplet style Poem by Anika


Good KnightIMG_0179.jpg                                                       

A good knight always likes his stead

Fights with great courage and speed


A good knight still has pity inside

Knows when to keep secret and when to confide


A good knight works for a king and his wife

Will listen to them and yield his life


A good knight is never a bore

Too bad they aren't alive any more.




The train had lots of space until you put

the suitcases in.  (which takes up a quarter)

        if you want excitement check out the cabs :-)



June 19 - Ponsticil, Wales

A Minor Poem by Anika


Johnny, why's there snoring coming from that heap?

I'm not tired, just my foot fell asleep! 


June 15 - Watching 3-D Dinosaurs at the Science Museum

You'd think I was going to Mercury with those glasses.  :)

A hint to anyone climbing big hills: make sure they are not sheep-infested, because they leave stuff behind, which sticks to ones shoes, which transfers the stuff to the floor of ones Bed and Breakfast.

June 15 - London - Hyde Park

Swans, by Anika

June 12 - London -

"London is just like Chicago, everyone is always in a hurry! "

June 11 - London -

I woke up with this poem in my head, thanks partially to Beatrice!

Pins and Ants by Anika

Invisible pins, not the safety kind,

Will rob your body; rule your mind.


They will slowly drive you mad
Take away all you had


Little ants crawling around

On you - not on the ground


Don't get these guys, please


('Cause you don't want me to talk about fleas!)



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