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Munich, Germany

Mischy and Joel flew in to Munich, so we hustled over from Lauterbrunnen (5 hours), picked them up the next morning and spent the day enjoying the city together.


Classical Munich

ZE2G2513.jpg ZE2G2515.jpg ZE2G2538.jpg

The famous glockenspiel was undergoing renovations, so the kids were a little under whelmed by the performance.  However, that didn't diminish the crowds very much when it came time for its performance (currently at 11AM, 12 noon and 5PM).


ZE2G2519.jpg ZE2G2541.jpg

                                                                   Der Bier Garten und der Bratwurstritual - noch ein Bier, bitte!



The English Garden in Munich

Famous for its nude sunbathers (sorry, Yannis, no photos...this is a family website), it is a huge and beautiful park.  So, we rented some bikes from Mike's Bikes (not really one we can recommend - see below) and rode from one end to the other and back.

ZE2G2545.jpg ZE2G2573.jpg

Check out these styling wheels!


ZE2G2569.jpg ZE2G2560.jpg

The north half of the park (there's a similar map for the south half)



We ran across this "M" on our way back to the bike shop and Mischy just had to have her photo taken with it.  Unfortunately, Joel kept trying to make a cameo appearance in it (if you mouse over Mischy, you may spot him).



We've rented bikes in a couple of countries now, and these were probably the worst.  Ride able, but not comfortable, and in Joel's case, potentially dangerous...he managed to shear off half of the crank.   We knew Joel was strong, but never realized he was that strong ;-). Fortunately, we were almost back and he only had to ride one-footed about 5 minutes to the shop.   The bright side...the bikes were cheap since we received the pilot's discount for all 6 bikes.



From Munich we drove to the Salzkammergut in Austria


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