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Wiesbaden is the town where Newenka's parents grew up, though on different sides of town, so to speak! 

ZE2G5018.jpg Downtown Wiesbaden - the Rathaus.


ZE2G5016.jpg The famous cuckoo clock!  As a child it certainly was more impressive, but it's still kind of cute. 



Fun in the square and fun at one of the playgrounds - the kids are really going to miss the zip lines when they return home.


Opel Zoo

ZE2G5092.jpg A prairie dog, just for Almut! 



Always a favorite - the elephants.



Yannis practicing for Africa.



As a child Newenka visited this zoo nearly every time she visited Wiesbaden.  "I remember it fondly, especially the elephants!"  In reviewing the photos we took, we remembered the photos we took 7 years ago (and of course, Yannis had a copy on one of the portable hard drives - what a geek!)  Anyway, have a look - August 2000 and Sep 2007! 






On the Rhine

ZE2G5161.jpg Lunch break near Erpel.  Cool castle and a chance to skip stones on the Rhine.



We decided to check out Birgit's home town, even if just for a Kaffee und Kuchen break on our drive to Bochum!

ZE2G5248.jpg It is hard to capture the sheer height of this church! 


The sheer size makes it Impressive inside and out.


Kafe und Kuchen by the church.                                              A street performer dressed up as a statue - with accompanying graffiti and bird droppings!


Why are you going to Bochum?

Whenever we told people we were going to Bochum for a night, their immediate response was "Why are you going to Bochum?!"  Ok, it is an industrial town near Essen, but more importantly, it is the home of the only permanent theater housing Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Starlight Express."  Yannis took a liking to this musical when he worked in London back in the early 1980's - he saw it 3 times in London, took Newenka and the girls once in Chicago (it was a traveling production, so not quite as impressive as London), and has been on the lookout for another opportunity to see the show.  And voila - side trip to Bochum, Germany.

IMG_5331ca.jpg Yannis with one of Anika's favorite characters, Elektra

Playing in Germany, it was all in German.  Fortunately we're all familiar with the English lyrics.  (Actually, it was a little hard to understand, even if you speak German, as most of the cast are Brits and the leads were probably chosen for their voices and roller skating ability, not their German!)  Regardless, the staging and production were excellent, and a good time was had by all.


Visiting with Friends and Relatives

ZE2G5037.jpgZE2G5054.jpg A walk through the woods with Almut and Henry in Naurod

Kaffee und Kuchen with Jörg and Isabella and their sons

ZE2G5157.jpgIMG_5321.jpg Visiting with Daga, Jürgen and grandchildren

ZE2G5265.jpg Here we are in Essen with Heidi! 



We were very lucky to find a place to stay in the Wiesbaden area, are we were there during the Frankfurt international auto show and every room within miles was booked or obscenely expensive!  We ended up in a quaint Gaststätte in Oberjosbach (20 minutes from Wiesbaden), which suited us perfectly! 

ZE2G5149.jpg The "internet bench" - Newenka walked up the road a little to see if she could find a WiFi spot, and conveniently, she found one with a bench!


Next stop: The Netherlands (Amsterdam and Zandvoort)


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