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Austria (cont.)

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ZE2G3363.jpg ZE2G3359.jpg

ZE2G3302.jpg ZE2G3548.jpg ZE2G3300.jpg

Mozart contemporaries all over Vienna, particularly in Stephansplatz! 


The new "internet chair!"  ZE2G3293.jpg



The Globe Museum

This was an impressive little museum.  There were big globes and little globes, globes of the earth, of planets, of the night sky (in the inverse, of course, unless you were inside looking out.)  There were even models that demonstrated how eclipses work, using candles and mirrors as the sun.


ZE2G3304.jpg ZE2G3306.jpg ZE2G3307.jpg

Ever wonder how they print the surface of a globe?  The image on the left explains it.

ZE2G3309.jpg ZE2G3315.jpg


Esperanto Museum


It was fascinating to learn about the development of Esperanto - we had no idea that it was developed in the late 1800s!  I thought it was a phenomenon of the 60's!  And look at the great literature translated into Esperanto!


         ZE2G3333.jpg   ZE2G3334.jpg

Want to learn Esperanto?   Want to learn more?



Mozart's House

ZE2G3335.jpg ZE2G3337.jpg ZE2G3559.jpg

The amazing Mozart lived with his wife and two children in an apartment in this building for all of 3 or 4 years.  Now they've turned the entire building into a museum!!!  The audio tours provided an interesting perspective on Mozart's life and times.  We don't claim to be music historians, but we were surprised to learn that Mozart was a member of a Masonic order!  No photos allowed inside, though. 


Die Spanisch Hofreitschule

The Spanish Riding School - world famous Lipizzaner horses and riders performing amazing feats.  Further, we had read that as a child Marie Antoinette learned to ride here.  Training is open to the public (for a not inconsiderable fee) so we figured we had to check them out.

ZE2G3343.jpg ZE2G3338.jpg

ZE2G3341.jpg ZE2G3342.jpg

We watched them practicing with the young horses for an hour or so, as did all these people, and they never did anything interesting!  Now there is a racket.



ZE2G3349.jpg ZE2G3354.jpg ZE2G3366.jpg

There was a festival of music at the Rathaus while we were in Vienna.  A veritable Taste of Vienna, followed by a screening of an opera or a classical music performance!  And look at the size of that screen!  As in Paris, my lovely good looks got us noticed by the media.  Someone will have to go to Vienna next year for this festival and listen for the girls inviting people to come to the festival!!! 



The Belvedere

ZE2G3493.jpg Anika runs through the grounds.

ZE2G3512.jpg ZE2G3519.jpg

Yet another beautiful setting for an art gallery.


ZE2G3526.jpg ZE2G3528.jpg

There's only so much art a kid can handle before resorting to other ways to bide the time while mom and dad slowly wander around.


ZE2G3515.jpg ZE2G3530ca.jpg

Between galleries, the kids enjoyed the round pillow seats; the only Klimt Yannis was allowed to photograph.


The Prater

ZE2G3489.jpg An interesting Ferris wheel that uses little coaches for the compartments.  The was apparently where a famous scene in the movie The Third Man took place.  Now we need to add this movie to our list of videos to rent! 

ZE2G3568.jpg ZE2G3578.jpg ZE2G3581.jpg

In general, the kids have loved the European playgrounds since they always have something fun and interesting.  On this day they learned to tight rope walk!


Cafe Sacher

ZE2G3545.jpg IMG_0540.jpg

When you're in Vienna, you have to stop by the Cafe Sacher at the Sacher Hotel.  It is where the world famous Sachertorte originated.


Uniqa (Uniqa is an Austrian insurnace company) Building

A unique building with over 45,000 LED's covering the outside to present this fun light show. 

ZE2G3601.jpg ZE2G3584.jpg ZE2G3588.jpg ZE2G3599.jpg ZE2G3591.jpg ZE2G3594.jpg

Of course the first time we saw this building it was covered in bubbles.  When Yannis got there with the camera a couple of nights later, it was just geometric shapes. 




This is the summer residence of the Hapsburgs.  Interestingly, it is only a few miles from the winter residence - the Hofburg, which is shown at the top of this page, as this is where the Spanish Riding School is located. 


ZE2G3372.jpg ZE2G3478.jpg The gardens are amazing! 

IMG_0533.jpg IMG_0534.jpg



Der Irrgarten - The Maze At Schönbrunnen

IMG_0526ca.jpg IMG_0528.jpg IMG_0527.jpg 


Although it is called The Maze, it is really three different mazes, one of which they have obviously recently laid out - the bushes are still growing it!  In the new one they had several interesting amusements, including the stepping stones Tasha is jumping across, which try to spray your feet as you go by. 



The Imperial Zoo At Schönbrunnen

This was apparently the first zoo ever built - sometime in the mid 1700s!  You wouldn't know it as you walk around, though, it has been beautifully maintained.

 IMG_0438.jpg IMG_0440ca.jpg

The zebra mongooses were fun to watch!  These guys were actively looking for grubs, some of which are hidden in the coconut.  And isn't the little guy cute?

 ZE2G3381.jpg This is an Asian rhino!  Smaller and more armadillo-like.

ZE2G3394.jpg ZE2G3398.jpg ZE2G3400.jpg ZE2G3383.jpg The birds!

The zoo has several very successful breeding programs.  They are currently working on breading pandas, and their pair had a baby the week before we arrived!  Unfortunately, Mom and Babe were hidden away, but both Anika and Yannis got decent shots of Dad!   

ZE2G3419.jpg ZE2G3425.jpg ZE2G3428.jpg

ZE2G3431.jpg ZE2G3433.jpg

ZE2G3447ca.jpg IMG_0478ca.jpg Anika was in the right place for this Polar Bear shot!!!

IMG_0497.jpg IMG_0500.jpg ZE2G3437.jpg


As we were resting our weary feet, look what emerged from the pond right in front of us:

 IMG_0511.jpg ZE2G3467ca.jpg IMG_0505.jpg

 IMG_0512.jpg IMG_0509.jpg

Well, that's all from Vienna.  From here we head to Budapest, Hungary


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