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The Palace on Wheels - "a week in wonderland"


Day 1 - Delhi

Welcome to our home for the next week: The Palace on Wheels - a "cruise train" if you will.  Coaches converted to rolling hotels (with 4 rooms per coach plus a little lounge common area.  2 dining cars used mostly for dinner plus a saloon available for drinks and hanging out.  The rooms are snug, but have their own bathrooms with shower so they really are like tiny little hotel rooms.  And the train cruises through some of the more interesting parts of Rajasthan.



Upon arrival, everyone is treated to a grand welcome.


ZE2G8547.jpg IMG_8807.jpg


Day 2 - Jaipur

ZE2G8586.jpg ZE2G8578.jpg

The elephants welcomed us.


Palace of the Winds


Despite its name, this is no palace.  Apparently the Maharaja wanted the ladies of his harem to be able to watch the spectacular parades he organized. Since the women of the harem were not permitted to be seen by anyone outside the harem, even in veils, he built this facade right along the parade route.  From behind these windows, his ladies could watch without being seen.  The girls and I had ample opportunity to try to "see" through these cement screens, and let me tell you, they may have been able to see, but certainly they weren't seeing well!  


Jaipur City Gate


Our guide seemed quite proud of the newly restored gates to the city of Jaipur!  He mentioned them at least 4 times. 


The Amber Fort


The best way to get up to the Amber Fort is on an elephant!  This is definitely far better than the way we came down!         

ZE2G8643.jpg ZE2G8641.jpg ZE2G8629.jpg 

In honor of our elephant ride, Horton (the little elephant in Anika's hands) got to come with us.  He made Ozzie and Milligan so jealous, that Anika had to promise to bring them along on other days! 

IMG_8836.jpg ZE2G8669.jpg IMG_8858.jpg

IMG_8881.jpg IMG_8885.jpg IMG_8884.jpg


I love the "fussy" architecture!  It is simply captivating! 

ZE2G8671.jpg ZE2G8654.jpg ZE2G8648.jpg

ZE2G8650.jpg ZE2G8672.jpg

IMG_8888.jpg ZE2G8687.jpg ZE2G8667.jpg

ZE2G8695.jpg ZE2G8710.jpg ZE2G8693.jpg ZE2G8708.jpg

IMG_8878.jpg ZE2G8709.jpg IMG_8877.jpg








<<< Okay, this was a little out of place in the courtyard of the Amber Fort!







>>> Here we are coming back down from the Amber Fort - our driver was practicing for the Grand Prix!    And the head room was tight, even for Newenka! 







Handicraft Demonstration and Morning Tea Stop

This is a euphemism for shopping, yuck!!!


We stopped mid morning to learn about fabric printing and carpet weaving.  This means 5 minutes watching the printing and the carpet knotting and 45 minutes locked in a room looking at carpets, followed by another 30 minutes looking at fabrics.   






Horton gets to pose in front of Ganesh.  Isn't he having a great day?



City Palace Astronomy Garden

ZE2G8777.jpg ZE2G8781.jpg

The Maharaja was a bit of a science nut, and so he had 30 different astronomical instruments built in this garden.  He had the largest sundial in the world.  It could tell the time within 2 seconds!  The one above left could only tell time to within 20 seconds.  (The bigger one was being maintained when we were there.) 

ZE2G8803.jpg                                                                              ZE2G8797.jpg


Handicraft Demonstration and Afternoon Tea Stop

Yep, still a euphemism, though at least in the morning it wasn't hard to get a cup of tea! 





These guys are polishing gems.  Inside, you could buy every imaginable type necklace, with any gem stone mounted in it.








Around Town

Sure, India has cool forts and amazing architecture, but the thing that really strikes us about India are the cityscapes.  Have a look!

ZE2G8821.jpg ZE2G8592.jpg ZE2G8830.jpg

                                                                                                                                                          Yep, that's what they are doing, everywhere, all the time.


Various means of transport:

ZE2G8594.jpg IMG_8814.jpg A cycle-rickshaw, and an auto-rickshaw

ZE2G8762.jpg ZE2G8808.jpg A fully loaded rickshaw, and a handcart

ZE2G8730.jpg Elephant

ZE2G8759.jpg ZE2G8764.jpg Horse cart, camel cart, truck, two-wheeler 


On the Bus

ZE2G8728.jpg ZE2G8600.jpg Anika amuses herself on the bus between sights! 

Once the bus stops, the hawkers converge (though these hawkers are relatively polite compared to those in Egypt)!


Day 3 - Jaisalmer




Our Guide


This is our guide, Lalu.  (No, really, that's his name and he did not strike any of us as stupid - he explained that's what Lalu means.  In fact, he was our best guide of the week.)  He grew up in this small town, and lives here still.  He explained to us that everyone knows everyone in this town, and this certainly appears to be true!  Jaisalmer is an old town, originally established in 1148, but has always been a sleepy one.  He explained how it became a tourist destination, and the story is a good one:  on May 18th, 1974 the Indian government conducted it's first nuclear test just outside Jaisalmer.   All the NGO observers and news reporters, who saw the gorgeous architecture in the town and the lovely fort, raised the awareness and made Jaisalmer a tourist destination.  Since then it has been recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site. 


Jain Temple

We start our morning in a Jain Temple...

ZE2G8872.jpg IMG_8963.jpg ZE2G8884.jpg


Old Town

...then take a walk through the old town of Jaisalmer. 

ZE2G8962.jpg ZE2G8949.jpg

ZE2G8893.jpg The Maharaja's palace, unfortunately it was damaged in a recent monsoon and now awaits renovation.

ZE2G8981.jpg IMG_8996.jpg This is stone, not wood.  And most of the houses in town have this level of ornate carving on at least their balconies.  Apparently you can buy such a balcony for a mere $3000.  I wonder what such a balcony would look like on our house :-)


Shopping time! 

This time no tea was even mentioned!  This is the local cooperative, and they had beautiful quilts and very soft pashminas.  Unfortunately, they did not have anything like the orange quilt behind our guide in the photo above, which I though would be lovely in our house.  Oh well. 


Later in the day we toured one of the most ornate houses in town, and visited their gift shop.

IMG_9001.jpg And another shopping opportunity


Around Town

ZE2G8909.jpg An interesting place for an internet cafe ad 





A wedding announcement.  In Jaisalmer you invite everyone in town to your wedding.  So to save on paper, you just paint your invitations on the wall.  Isn't the Hindi script beautiful? 



ZE2G8975.jpg Another great advertisement.


The Sam Sands And Our Camel Ride

IMG_9071ca.jpg  ZE2G9034.jpg Yannis asked the camel to smile; didn't really work, eh?

ZE2G9006.jpg IMG_9040.jpg


Playing on the dunes

IMG_9098.jpg ZE2G9060.jpg

IMG_9106.jpg ZE2G9112.jpg


Classic dune scenes

ZE2G9044.jpg ZE2G9014.jpg


That only covers 2 days on the train, so this page is continued!


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