Birds As Art Photography Workshop

Jan 13-17, 2010

I attended a workshop in San Diego led by "the" bird photographer, Arthur ("Artie") Morris, and assisted by a pretty amazing wildlife photographer, Todd Gustafson.  The workshop provided us opportunities to photograph some spectacular birds under a variety of conditions.  In the field, Artie and Todd would offer commentary and suggestions on exposure and composition, and were always available for questions.  Most days found us back at the hotel for a lunch-time topic or slideshow followed by an hour or so for us to load/edit photos before heading back out into the field.


Each day was action packed and fun, but a lot of work.  We had great opportunities and I learned a lot from the commentary, critique, observation and chance to shoot in different situations.  At the end of the workshop, I was exhausted, but exhilarated.  Frankly, it was the hardest working and most fun 5 days I've had in a while!! 



Workshop instructors Arthur (Artie) Morris and Todd Gustafson. 

(Yes, we all hung out in that mud for an hour or so!  It was kind of funny when your tripod would sink in an inch or two after you placed it in a new spot)




Below, I have posted links to 3 galleries with my favorite photos from this workshop.   Click on the link or the summary image to its right to view the gallery.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


(Click the link above to see my favorite pelican shots)


Wood Ducks

(Click the link above to see my favorite Wood Duck shots)



(Click the link above to see my  favorite shots of other birds encountered in the workshop.)


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