Aside from the spectacular pelicans and wood ducks, we had a chance to photograph a variety of other species (some identification labels are still in progress - I need to find my notes).


(Clicking on an image below will bring up a larger version of it.)


A flight photography opportunity.



 Surf Scoter


I liked the colorful tent as a background behind this one

The Cormorant cliff

Double-crested Cormorant



 I loved the soft lighting around this time.

A beautiful heron, but it appeared to have been injured (take a closer look at its head just behind the eye)



Redhead Ducks


Aw look, he's sleeping :-)     (not, really)



Scoter diving - I liked the straight on view, blue reflection and spray.

Artie spotted this as we were climbing out of the mud - I've always loved Birds of Paradise.  And there's a nice tie there to the idea of photographing birds :-) 

A cute little Pied-billed Grebe.

Hmmm...one of these is not like the others :-)

I liked this capture which included the spray and the speculum.


Black-crowned Night-Heron.  It ignored my requests to move away from the distracting stick - but I still liked the bird and wanted it's picture :-)

American Widgeon

This guy (Western Scrub-Jay ?) stopped by while we were photographing the ducks.


Northern Shoveler (Young male ?)

Male Northern Shoveler


Duck in flight


Northern Shoveler

Albino Mallard?

This guy had quite a mouthful of mollusks - unfortunately, he ended up dropping them before he got to shore.


Royal Tern

Marbled Godwit (?)


Snowy Egret

Sunset silhouettes.


Artie suggested we try some blurs - this was a Coot feeding frenzy resulting from a well placed piece of bread in the middle of the pond.

I think Todd was demonstrating how to get closer to a giraffe  :-) 

I would need a ladder to get up to that!