2012 USA Ultimate College Championships - Division III

Day 1 - Pool Play



What a great weekend of Ultimate.  Tasha's team, the Claremont Greenshirts (which ironically wear blue shirts) made it to the Division III College Championships, so off we went to lovely Appleton, WI (a short distance north of one of my favorite summer spots - Oshkosh, the home of AirVenture :-)) 


Both the Claremont men's and women's teams qualified for the championship, but unfortunately, they were playing pretty much at the same times, so I only got to see a few minutes of a Brain's game before Tasha's team started playing.


Below are some of my favorite images from the first day (a link to day 2 is at the bottom of this page). 


I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to share them.



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Awesome layout D

An opponent makes an awesome layout too.


Claremont Greenshirts

We would be playing Princeton, Grinnell and Haverford on day 1 - the results would determine who qualified for the championship rounds.


A random ballerina move?  :-)

 Game 1 Final Score: Claremont 10 - Princeton 3



Some drills before game 2 against Grinnell.

Game 2...


Final score in game 2: Claremont 13 - Grinnell 6

Game 3 vs Haverford

Final score in game 3: Claremont 12 - Haverford 6

The ladies finished day one 3-0 and 1st in their pool which meant that they would be in the championship bracket!


Link to Day 2 - The Championship Round


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