2012 USA Ultimate College Championships - Division III

Day 2 - The Championship Round



 Day 2 - another warm and windy day.  First up was a game against Lehigh University


Below are some of my favorite images from the 2nd day.  I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to share them.



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Big D

A well timed Lehigh jump.

Tough D





I thought this sequence was kind of fun - and also demonstrated the perseverance that seemed pervasive on the team - they never give up :-)

yep - it was a successful catch!

Final score: 11-6


Next up: Carleton

So close!



With the field lined up north to south, the strong southerly wind (~20mph gusting to 30mph) was becoming a factor in the games - in addition to raising the temperature into the upper 80's, the only scoring that was happening was downwind.  So our team found themselves with a challenge: Carleton had won the opening disc-flip so they scored first.  Our team was going to need to score an upwind point if they were going to have a chance of winning the game.  Both teams tried many times to score upwind with little success. 



The girls knew this could turn the game...

... but they still had to play hard to keep Carleton from regaining the lead.


In these conditions, this was safer than tossing the

disc back after a foul :-)


 The Carleton game was long - playing out to a hard cap 1 hour and 45 minutes after it started (and 15 minutes before the championship game!).  It was a great effort on the part of both teams.  Final score: Claremont 12 - Carleton 9



So for the championship, we'd be facing Grinnell again - this time under very different and more challenging conditions than yesterday (though we won the disc-flip which would give us an advantage at the start).

Catching the disc ... and a defender :-)

The Braineaters had come over to support the ladies too.





The game went to 'universe' with a final score of 13-12

The Braineaters helped start the tunnel...

One happy group of champions!

"Dinosaur Poses"



Awards Ceremonies:

Individual 'Spirit' Awards - Women's and ...

... men's

Celebrating Claremont Men's team winning the Spirit Award

The Braineaters with their Spirit Award


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