Mad-Disc-On 2010

Oregon, WI

Oregon, WI, a suburb of Madison, was the place to be for Ultimate this weekend.  Tasha got dropped of in Naperville at 5:30AM to ride up with her team, and I headed off to Baraboo to visit the International Crane Foundation (it is just 'up the road' from Madison, after all).  I managed to get back to Oregon to watch about half the games....below are some images from the afternoon's games.



(Clicking on an image below will bring up a larger version of it.)


(Our receiver did end up catching the disc!)

No matter where they play,or what the weather, they always seem to be having fun.







Going up against Brett Favre :-) ...

...coming down with the disc...and looking right at the camera!! :-)

I like how his sunglass frames color coordinate with the shorts

Sandblast 2010