Chicago Sandblast 2010

Day 2

1: I now understand why they call it "Sandblast" (duh!) and 2: it's too bad she couldn't arrange for the disc to be rotated about 120 degrees CCW :-)

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, she held on to the disc.


Day 1 was so much fun that I decided to attend day 2 as well....we've posted some of our favorite images from the tournament. 

While they're mostly from games Tasha's team played, I can't resist creating images from other interesting happenings going on around me, so there are some miscellaneous ones mixed in.



Below are images from day 2.

Images from day 1 can be found here.


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"King Kong Ultimate?" or "Are you allowed to grab onto buildings to pull yourself up?!"

(I liked how this composition worked out)

She did hang on to the disc; and landed in quite a spray of sand (image at the top of this page).

Awesome D bid (too bad I was on the wrong side of it)

Extra points if a hammer is caught by the opposite sex at the other end of the field.

Beer point!!

Beer point - "just because it's fun doesn't mean we won't be intense"

Beer point - protect the beer!

Beer point - does it shorten the stall count if you put your can on your head?

Beer point - gives a new meaning to the term "getting hammered"


Beer point - oh oh, there was spillage!

Gratuitous Layout Point

Gratuitous Layout Point

Gratuitous Layout Point

Dinosaur Point - two Raptors

Dinosaur Point - Brontosaurus layout

Dinosaur Point - Brontosaurus, Pteradactyl and Raptors

Dinosaur Point - Raptors

Dinosaur Point - Raptor




Alas, Tasha's team didn't make it into the championship game, but she wanted to stick around and watch it ... some photos below. 

"Red Stripe Film Crew Coming Through!!"

I wonder if I'm in this photographer's image too :-)

Dang!  I cut his feet off. And he has his eyes closed.  But I like the height.

Half-time entertainment: Red Stripe launching goodies...


...into the stands for the fans

I liked this sequence because of the sandblast at the end...


 Yeah, they're in there somewhere - I can see their feet sticking out.



And finally, one personal benefit of the tournament's location: it was an attractive place to be for the rest of the family.  Tasha's little sister and cousin stopped by to watch, swim and play.

Inspired by all the action and sand, my nephew kept wanting to try his hand at layouts....

..."I got it!" - I think he's looking for a team in the 2020 Sandblast :-)

Tasha's little sister showing good two-handed form - she might be signing up for Sandblast 2015.

After a fantastic 2 days of beach ultimate at Sandblast 2010


Images from Sandblast 2010, Day 1