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"So, how does one pack for a year?" we were asked repeatedly when discussing our plans with friends and neighbors.  We have read several books written by people who have traveled either for extended periods or around the world.  So we had an answer:  One suitcase per person, and everything has to fit, including all carry-ons. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with the plan:

  1. We are carrying our World School materials with us. 
  2. Yannis was not able to choose between clothes and camera gear (we vetoed the camera + 1 pair of underwear.)   
  3. The size of the suitcase matters - ours are so large that even when fully packed with light things they are overweight!  Oops.  Not to mention that they won't fit in the trunk of most rental cars.
  4. It is just plain too easy to not count your carry-on. 

So the bottom line is - all four of us were overweight at O'Hare!  Luckily, the kids were only over by a few pounds, and the removal of a couple of books in each case brought them into line.  Yannis and Newenka have suitcases that can be separated into two for just such an eventuality.  Phew!  But we will need to shed a few pounds of stuff to get out of the UK - from here we are only allowed one carry-on and only one suitcase!  Our best plan - "Kids: read, read, read!"  We are carrying 21 novels and 7 text- or workbooks.  We will need to come up with a few more ideas in the next week and a half. 



 The stuff left behind goes into our PODS, almost all packed up...








To continue seeing photos of our trip, see us in England


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