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Every year the Economist conducts a study it calls burgernomics using McDonald's Big Mac as its benchmark to determine the buying power of different currencies around the world.  This gave us a great idea for Anika.  As we travel she is to try a McDonald's cheeseburger in as many countries as possible, and then compare the costs and the quality of them.  This is a great way for her to understand currency conversions and to develop cultural sensitivity.  With the dollar in serious flux over the course of our trip, she can see the immediate effect on her buying power.  She has observed how McDonalds has coped with doing business in India, where cows are considered holy and eating beef is a complete taboo, or Morocco where foods must be halal.  Here we will divulge her findings - when she gets around to it...  


Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia - March 2008

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 Shanghai, China - Feb 2008

Marrakech, Morocco                                 Budapest, Hungary

In Bangkok, Thailand

Santiago, Chile




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