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Hello everyone.  This is a trivia contest which contains not only trivia.  To register, send an e-mail to me or with "Tasha" in the subject line and your name asking to register in the trivia contest.  I have to know you if you want to register.  The way the whole thing works is:

    If you answer a question correctly, you earn ArvaPoints.  When I get back home, whoever has the most points wins a prize.  I'll specify a bit more later.  Incorrect answers don't lose you points, so try for every question, just on the off chance that you get it right.

    You can use whatever references you want; internet, encyclopedia, dictionary, and specialists are all okay.

    I'd like input on whether to post scores or not, so please include that in your registry e-mail.

    Each question earns you full points during the first week, at the end of which I'll post a hint or two.  During the second week, you can earn half points if you get it right.  At the end of that week, I'll post the answers, and you can no longer answer them.  At any rate, I'll try for every week.  It will be approximate, since I won't always have internet access.

    I'll post questions whenever I get internet access.  Here's the first set, posted on April 10 and 11:

1. Find the next two numbers in the sequence: 1, 2, 5, 13, 34...    (2 ArvaPoints per number and 5 for an explanation)

2. Fill in the blank with a mammal: 'There are more _______ in New Zealand than people.'    (2 ArvaPoints per mammal)

3. What currency is used in Japan, and what is the approximate conversion rate?    (2 ArvaPoints for each answer)

4. When Rome took over Greece, what did Greece still have control over?    (5 ArvaPoints)

5. Here's a tough one.  If Bob drives at 40 km/h to his mother's house and 20 km/h on the way back, what is his average speed? (2-10 ArvaPoints-2 for the answer and 8 for the explanation)

6. What is the oldest lizard in the world (meaning it hasn't changed since the age of the dinosaurs)?  Where can it be found? (2 for each answer)

7. How many syllables are in the first line of a haiku poem? (Anika asked me to put some LA problems on, so there you are) (2 ArvaPoints)

8. In what language does 'kwaheri' mean good-bye?  How would you say hello in the same language? (2 ArvaPoints per question)

9. From what company did we rent our camper van in New Zealand? Hint: check our NZ page. (2 ArvaPoints)

10. Check Anika's page for this one: What was the difference between Bottle Dog and Blue Bottle Dog? (2 ArvaPoints)


Next set, posted 15 April:

11. How is tire (like the wheel on a car) spelled in Australia? (3 ArvaPoints)

12. How can one find the South Celestial Pole using the stars? (5 ArvaPoints)

                    The North Celestial Pole? (a further 3 ArvaPoints)

13. Here's a riddle, thanks to Anika's poetry:

            A very flat head,

            Soft like a bed,

            But sharp like a nail

            Is the innocent tail.

    Any bets? (5 ArvaPoints)

14. Which was more difficult for sailors in the 18th century to find, latitude or longitude? (2 ArvaPoints, plus 5 for an explanation)

The following are some classic riddles.  I found them in books, which I will credit once I post the answers.

15. It cannot be seen, cannot be felt

    Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.

    It lies behind stars, and under hills,

    And empty holes it fills, fills, fills.

    It comes first and follows after.

    It ends life, and it kills laughter.

(2 ArvaPoints)

16.     Voiceless it cries,

        Wingless flutters,

        Toothless bites,

        Mouthless mutters.

(2 ArvaPoints)

17. A box without hinges, key or lid,

     Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

(2 ArvaPoints)

18. What herb cures all ailments? (2 ArvaPoints)

19. Alive without breath,

    As cold as death,

    Never thirsty, ever drinking,

    All in mail, yet never clinking.

(2 ArvaPoints)

20. All but one of the last five poems are from a single book.  What book? (5 ArvaPoints)


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