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  Still under construction.  Check back again in a few weeks. 


For some insight into how to photograph parrots, see Yannis' journal page on the subject.


Below are a few teaser photos, to keep you amused until we get around to going through all the photos Yannis took... 


From the Heath River Wildlife Center we took a 5 1/2 hour motorized canoe ride down the Heath River, across the border (two control check points) and up the Madre de Dios to Porto Maldonado, from which we flew back to Cusco for an overnight, good thing too, as your flight was late, and we spent a bit of time at the airport.  The next day we flew to Lima for an overnight so I could catch up with an old friend.  Unfortunately, the flight was 7 hours late, too late to catch up with an old friend.  The next morning we flew from Lima to Quito.  This flight was, you guessed it, late - only 4 hours this time.  So in three consecutive days we have spent a total of 16 hours waiting for airplanes in various Peruvian airports!  It was alright, we all found things to do.

See our Ecuador page. 



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