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This is our refueling stop - we are taking it easy!  Our plan was to spend the week on the beach and at the pool, but the weather has not cooperated.  60's and rainy for most of the week!  We did picnic on the beach one day, and we have found that when the sun is out you can stand the pool for a little while.  We have taken a couple of field trips, so we have a few pictures to show.  We've also read some books, done a puzzle, caught up on World Schooling, organized our photo inventory, eaten many home cooked meals, updated our web site and played many rounds of Speed Uno! 


Our Home

ZE2G0440.jpg Our Gite...a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, rustic house.


ZE2G0444.jpg Enjoying some sun in the solarium (at 9PM)


ZE2G0453.jpg ZE2G0450.jpg

Left: Anika in the "WiFi chair" (the only place in our house that we could pick up the owner's signal from across the drive due to the thick stone walls)

Right: Tasha making use of the kitchen to make us some breakfast (awesome pancakes!).

We called the following trees Dr. Seuss trees: 



The Gaulish Village in Pleumeur-Bodou


ZE2G0460.jpg ZE2G0462.jpg

Working as a team in a funny swinging thing to knock out 3 targets.


ZE2G0463.jpg ZE2G0474.jpg

ZE2G0498.jpg ZE2G0499.jpg

Newenka enjoying a 2nd boat ride before the rains came (funny that when Yannis went for his 2nd boat ride, it was pouring!)




The Wildlife Reserve and Beach


We were headed to a bird sanctuary, but the magnetic force of the tidal river drew us in.  The next thing you know, we were up to our ankles in mud, then climbing through brambles and nettles and over horse droppings.  Then we got a little lost, and walked the long way around back to the car.  Wonder if the bird refuge was nice. 

ZE2G0407.jpg ZE2G0412.jpg Pretty scenery on our walk

ZE2G0393.jpg ZE2G0396.jpg but a little muddy at times

ZE2G0399.jpg ZE2G0420.jpg well, these all needed washing anyway, didn't they?

ZE2G0385.jpg ZE2G0431.jpg Set in the pretty country side of Brittany.

ZE2G0425.jpg Where the plants grow large.


The weather held, so we thought it would be fun to have a picnic on the beach (before the rains arrive).


While Yannis drove up the road to get our picnic stuff, the girls walked out to check out the water (the tide was out).  Yannis made it back before they did.



Harry Potter et l'Ordere du Phénix.

No photos, but an interesting experience.  Fortunately, we were all familiar with the story since the movie was in French.  But it did pique our curiosity to now see the movie in English.  Quite a bit of license taken regarding Choe, don't you think?  (We did see the movie in English in Lausanne, Switzerland about 2 weeks later!  Now we get the Choe thing!)



Horton's Birthday

Horton, Anika's elephant, turned 1 while we were here.  So, Anika baked him a cake and we had a small celebration.

ZE2G0502.jpg ZE2G0507.jpg

Blow out the candle, Horton.                                                    Cutting the cake.


Beach Time!


ZE2G0521ca.jpg It was a little chilly on the beach... (Is it July?)

Must be time for one of our favorite activities!  

Kite Flying!!!     IMG_2114.jpg




Yes, Anika could have benefited from an extra stone (20 pounds)!  As it was Yannis and Tasha took turns holding her down so the wind wouldn't carry her away! 



It was so windy, Newenka is pretty sure all of us will still be picking sand out of our hair next month.



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