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Wow - this is a BIG city.  Its population is twice the size of Chicago, but has much of the same feel.  There is an emphasis on architecture.  There is a Magnificent Mile equivalent along West Nanjing Road.  This is a city that is all about capitalism! 



Lantern Festival


We arrived on the evening of the lantern festival.  This is 2 weeks after the lunar new year - it is the first full moon of the new year.   There were lanterns everywhere and how better to celebrate than to have fireworks!  They were all over town! 


The Temple of the Jade Buddha



Waitan - The Bund


This is a mile long strip of old Shanghai, with architecture from every part of the world.  This was the old "Paris of the East."


Anika posing with Mao.

  The most famous historic hotel in Shanghai - the art deco Peace Hotel - was the residence of its owner, Victor Sassoon, Shanghai's most eligible European bachlor!  (Anika adopting the Asian photo pose!) 
What a view?!  Ok, the weather was a bit dodgy this day.


And on another day along the Bund


The Pearl Shop




We learned about fresh water and salt water pearls - how to recognize a real pearl, why they are different colors and other such vital information!


The Tea Shop



We learned the difference between oolong and jasmine tea, and the correct way to prepare different kinds of tea. 

The Yu Yuan Garden


Getting to the Yu Yuan Garden can be difficult!  The entrance here is thronged with visitors wanting one last chance to look at the New Year displays.  The entrance to the garden is through this square...

Then across a nine line zigzag bridge.  This bridge is zigzagged in order to confuse the evil spirits, who are only able to travel in a straight line! 



















Once inside the garden it is easy to forget that you are in the middle of a huge city! 



The Silk Factory


We learned about making silk, from egg through larvae to pupa.  The pupa of the silkworm is flash boiled to kill the worm and set the silk.  Then these machines are used to unwind the single silk thread.  There are some silkworms that decide to shack up with a sibling.  These are called "twins," which is not exactly correct.  In any event, there are two silk threads on these pupa, making them more like Anika's knotted hair than a bobbin!  These cannot be unwound.  Instead they are used to make silk batting for blankets and pillows.  Anika was sad to learn of the demise of the silk worm, but soon recovered with her new blouse! 

Stretching a "twin."


Anika's new blouse - a nice travel size that expands for use.


The Science Museum

What a fabulous museum!  They had a hall of animals with stuffed versions of major animals by continent and ecosystem.  They had a rainforest, indoors.  They had a history of science area that captivated both kids.  Tasha loved the bubble chamber, something she has read about for years, but never actually seen.  They had I-Max, 3-D and 4-D movies. 
look at the size of that bug! 

3-D Movie

Playing with the blue screen! 

The Aquarium




Around Town



                                                                                          Anika eagerly looking forward to her day.



From Shanghai we flew west to Xi'an


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