Framed Prints Gallery - Birds

Below are images that are available for sale.  Prints and frames are 9"x9" (unless otherwise noted).  The photos are printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura photographic paper by a professional digital printing company.  The frames are a contemporary style, black with glass, and are suitable for hanging together in groups to form a "nature wall."  (coming soon, photos of what the framed pictures look like on a wall.)


Prices are $100 per framed print and we'll take 10% off if you place an order for 3 or more. Volume discounts are also available - please contact us if you want to order more than 5 framed prints.


To order, please send an email to "orderphotos" @ with the image number and the number of framed prints that you would like.  We will contact you to arrange payment (check or Paypal) and then process your order.


Thanks for looking.



PS: We're experimenting with the layout of the images, so if you like an image but you want or don't want the text around it, just let us know.


NOTE: Purchased prints will not contain the copyright and website watermarks

I4084 9x9.jpg

Z4838 9x9.jpg
Little Bee-eater - Lake Manyara


Z1086 9x9.jpg
Wild Turkey - Fullersburg Forest Preserve

No, I didn't bury its feet in dirt - it's standing in water :-)


I5898 9x9 NT.jpg


Z0952 9x9.jpg
White-breasted Nuthatch - Fullersburg Forest Preserve



Z0280 9x9 NT.jpg
"Bird's eye view"



Z1081 9x9.jpg
Red-footed Booby - Galapagos Islands


Z1081 9x9 NB.jpg
Red-footed Booby - Galapagos Islands. Birds in flight series / white border


Z1109 9x9.jpg
Mallard - Fullersburg Forest Preserve

He was just quacking away (not aggravated with me)


Z1627 9x9 NB.jpg
Mallard (landing on snow) - Fullersburg Forest Preserve

Z1477 9x9.jpg
Immature Nazca Booby - Galapagos Islands

(these guys were so curious, and they were everywhere on our walk)

Z1217 9x9.jpg
Swallow-tailed Gull - Galapagos Islands


Z2120 9x9.jpg
Schalow's Turaco - Tanzania.

Flew into a tree just outside our room in Ngorongoro :-)


Z2359 9x9.jpg
Galapagos Penguin - very weird to see a penguin at the equator.

Z2391 9x9.jpg
Flamingo (admiring itself :-) ) - feeding in a still, brackish pond.


Z3002 9x9 NB.jpg
Sandhill Crane - Bosque del Apache

Z3072 9x9 BIF.jpg
Blue-footed Booby (landing) - feet out to help slow down, apparently


Z3072 9x9.jpg

Z3125 9x9.jpg
Blue-footed Booby (sky pointing)

Z3168 9x9.jpg
Galapagos Dove


Z4633 9x9 NB.jpg
Pelican - Hong Kong sanctuary

I2955 9x9.jpg
Eastern Double-collared Sunbird  - Cape Town Botanic Garden


Z8673 9x9 NB.jpg
Red-crested Pochard - Parc Ornithologique du Pont-du-Gau (France)


Z8980 9x9.jpg
Flamingos heading home at dusk - Saints Maries de la Mer (France)

Z5697 9x9.jpg
Pacific Baza - Territory Wildlife Park, Darwin


Z7537 9x9 NB.jpg

Z5527 9x9.jpg
Corella - Kakadu National Park

Z5568 9x9 NB BIF.jpg
Jabiru / Black-necked stork - Kakadu National Park