Last Call 2010 (EIU Ultimate Flying Disc Tournament)

Did someone say "Ultimate tournament - within 300 miles (give or take a few hundred)?"  :-)  Tasha had the opportunity to play with the team from Knox college, so off we went to the EIU campus in Charleston, IL for a weekend of sun and flying discs.  Below are photos from the weekend's games (you may notice that I was assisted with this week's photos by both Tasha and her little sister).  I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to use unmodified versions of the photos for non-commercial purposes.


(Clicking on an image below will bring up a larger version of it.)

I think she needed the sunglasses to avoid being blinded by the bright green :-)

Theater majors? :-) (this was actually just after the disc left the frame - I thought the resulting image was interesting)

Same team - oops; fortunately, they hung on to it.  

(Anika Photo) Capturing her sister in action.

(Anika Photo) I thought this was an interesting composition.

(Anika Photo) Another nice action shot (she may be replacing me soon :-)).

Celebrating the game winning point.

(Tasha Photo) Bradley Dark Side

(Tasha Photo)  Bradley Dark Side lighter side

So close.


Hustling to make the defensive play...

...and making it!

Defensive plays

Defensive plays

(Anika Photo)

Tasha with the disc, preparing to land ("seats upright, tray tables stowed")...

...oomph! Kind of a rough landing if you ask me :-) But she held on to the disc for the winning point!

The Knox College Baberhams

Link to the Peoria Hat Tournament