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Chicago Invite 2010 Ultimate (Flying Disc) Tournament

or "Hucking in a Winter Wonderland?"

Mar. 20, 2010


Ah Spring! The days are getting longer and it's finally getting warmer outside: the day before it was around 60 degrees (F). Not bad for the last day of Winter, eh? Alas, Chicago weather can be fickle, so on the 1st day of Spring & the 1st day of the tournament, we were greeted with snow, cold (32 degrees F) and wind.  Yet the games went on.  The girls took it all in stride.  Smiling at the conditions, doing 'toe dances' to try to keep their toes warm, drinking hot lemonade (and considering pouring it directly on their fingers and toes), and in general playing hard and having fun (albeit while losing some feeling in their extremities). 


Below are some images from the wintry games on the 1st day of the tournament (day 2 was cancelled).



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Organizing for the pull - in a blizzard :-)

Ready to watch some Ultimate in springtime Chicago :-).  The fans and parents made appropriate adjustments to stay warm (we didn't have the benefit of running around to help keep warm-ish).

Huddling for a plan, for warmth or both?

Neuqua Valley makes a defensive play

Great layout for the catch.


Making the catch...

...and then ouch! - Colliding with a late arriving defender.

"Are you sure this is springtime?"

Three players have a chance....


Getting above the Hopkins defender to catch the disc.




The game ending point (hard cap) in our team's one loss. It was a great game between two well-matched teams. We probably would have had a rematch on Sunday if the tournament hadn't been cancelled, but I guess we'll just have to do like the Cubbies and "wait until next year." :-)

Conditions in the afternoon improved ever so slightly: the snow let up a little, the temperature was a balmy 34 and the snow on the field melted and made them even muddier :-)  Unfortunately, it was still bitterly cold with a 20 mph wind.


Riverside/Brookfield scores a point.

Photos from the UPA US National Juniors Camp and Tryouts (Mar. 13-14, 2010)