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The latest version (V1.0) can be downloaded using the link later in this page.





This little tool was created to let us get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of doing Sudoku puzzles - it was NOT about having the computer solve a Sudoku (other than the intellectual exercise in programming, what fun would that be to use anyway?).  We built this as a result of our own puzzle experience and enjoyment with a focus on preserving the fun of figuring out how to solve a puzzle, but reducing some of the administrative work (and errors).  We haven't tried to make it glitzy or fancy - just something simple and small that is easy to use and enhances the Sudoku experience by supporting some common strategies for solving these fun puzzles.  Hopefully, you will find it useful.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to send them to us via email: Sudoku@ArvaMont.com 

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Basic Functions - Filling in cells, Eliminating options and Undo

Large numbers indicate a number placed in a cell. If they are black numbers, then they are an original number of the puzzle; blue numbers represent numbers that you have placed in a cell.


In its default mode, the Sudoku Aid shows a light grey grid of numbers in each cell.  These numbers represent the remaining options for a given cell (based on eliminating numbers already in the row, column and "9 cell mini grid").


Clicking on a number with the left mouse button places that value into the cell (alternatively, you may press the number on the keyboard while the mouse cursor is over a cell to place or remove that number).




Clicking on a number with the right mouse button "crosses out" that number indicating that you have eliminated it for that cell (refer to the graphic below).


If you place a number (or clear it) by mistake, you may click the Undo menu to reverse the action.  You may also use the keyboard to Undo the action - Alt+U or the Backspace key.



Using the Tools menu

Using the Tools menu, you can select different levels of assistance. 



Usage Tips

1. When creating a new puzzle (e.g. from a paper copy, or one of your own design) - once you have all the initial numbers in the right places, save the puzzle to a file and then open the same file.  This will (a) reset the puzzle history so you don't accidentally undo a number in the base puzzle, and (b) mark the numbers as being original (different color and you can't change them unless you indicate that you want to change original cells).


2. Saving and sharing puzzles - You can save puzzles onto your hard drive or network so you can enjoy them again in the future.  In addition, you can email the resulting file to others that are using the Sudoku Aid.  When the Sudoku Aid is configured properly, other users can simply open such a Sudoku attachment directly (or, they can save it to their hard drive and open it from there).  The key is to ensure that your computer uses the Sudoku aid as the default program for files with an ".spf" extension (nothing to do with sunscreen :-) ).  This can be done through Windows Explorer (Tools - Folder Options - File Types).   IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE, RESPECT ANY COPYRIGHTS OF SUDOKU PUZZLE CREATORS - please respect their wishes on sharing, don't publish their puzzles in forums that they had not intended, and always credit the author if you are sharing a puzzle. 


3. Printing - it works, but sometimes it appear to "hang" briefly when you click OK.  Generally, it will work within 10-20 seconds, so bear with it for a moment before giving it the three-fingered salute (Ctl+Alt+Del).  Sorry, we're still trying to figure out why this delay occurs.



Installing the Sudoku Aid


We don't have one of those fancy installation wizards yet, so there are a couple of steps involved in installing the tool (it's pretty straightforward though).  Also, as a standard legal disclaimer, this software is provided on an 'as-is' basis - we are not liable for any problems caused by installation or use (i.e. if you find yourself spending excessive amounts of time solving Sudoku's and as a result get yourself fired, we're sorry, but please don't blame us :-) )  By downloading the software, you agree to hold us harmless, etc, etc. (But we do hope you'll use it and enjoy it.)

  1. Download the installation executable by right clicking here and selecting "Save Target As..." in your browser.  It's about 300KB, so it shouldn't take too long to download.  Save it to your desktop or a temporary directory.

  2. Double click on the file you just saved (or select "Open" or "Run" if prompted by your browser - you may also need to indicate that you trust this file).

  3. You may be prompted about a "sub installation program running" - that's normal.  Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

  4. Delete the file you downloaded and saved - you no longer need it once the Sudoku Aid has successfully been installed.

Once the installation is complete, there should be an item in your Programs menu that lets you launch the Sudoku Aid.  In addition, you should be able to double click on Sudoku Puzzle Files (.spf extension) and open them directly in the Sudoku Aid.   This makes it easy to open puzzles that you have saved, or to open puzzles that others send you via email.


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