2009 Glory Days Ultimate Tournament

Beastly Girls

Bradley and Eastern IL teamed up to participate, thus the team name "Beastly" - Tasha had a chance to play with the team, so off we went to Lowell, IN. (FWIW, it turns out that Lowell isn't far from Jasper-Pulaski, so I took a little side trip during the tournament to check out the Sandhill Cranes - I'll post a separate page for that later.)

The weather conditions were interesting - starting off cold and wet, then changing to welcome sunshine, then really windy on day 2 (just to give the handlers a good test).  At least it didn't snow!

Here are some highlights from the cold, then sunny, then windy conditions. Hope you enjoy them (feel free to share unmodified versions of the photos for non-commercial purposes).


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Throughout the tournament, they seemed to have a lot of fun together.



The Beastly Girls :-)

Link to the Stanley Cup III tournament held @ ISU (Sep 19-20, 2009)