Quebec's "Puffin Isle" :-)

We spent two nights on L'ile aux Perroquets (literally 'Parrot Island') in eastern Quebec province in late July.

Our accommodations consisted of a room in a lighthouse keeper's house that has basically been converted to a B&B. 

It was quaint (though basic), with good food, good people and lots of good birds.

The ability to watch and photograph these birds up close was amazing and, with non-stop action, exhausting! 


Below are some images from our visit.



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Looks like the party is just getting started - these birds are so cute & social!


L'ile aux Perroquets.  Day visits are possible, but staying overnight should provide access to better lighting conditions (though weather can dramatically affect that - we were totally fogged in on our second morning).  Accommodation is comfortable, but basic (shared bathrooms, no WiFi). The service and meals were excellent.



Razorbills floating around as we arrived on the island.

Kinda looks like they're 'not speaking to each other' :-)

The thin white line on their face, beak and back is pretty cool.





These birds aren't picky about where they hang out.      Manmade . . . .



. . . . or natural




Although our primary purpose was to see the puffins, this island also had Razorbills and Murres which we'd not seen before.

At first glance (to me at least), Murres look a lot like penguins.  But unlike penguins, Murres can fly.







Razorbill coming through!


But mostly we were here for the puffins :-)  . . .

Puffins in flight

These little guys are so cute, but a challenge to photograph in flight - they are fast and they dart all over the place.





And it was clearly hatchling season as a number of the puffins could be seen returning with fish.


Going out to grab some food.  The normal departure consisted of jumping off the cliff and gaining airspeed on the way down.  It felt a little hazardous hanging out on the beach below since they'd often drop down to within inches of us!

Meals usually consisted of 1-6 little fish.

It's impressive that they can catch so many at a time




(Actually, this guy apparently was delivering to the wrong burrow - he flew off just after this photo was taken)


When not on 'Puffin Watch' there was time to explore and relax (or process pictures of which there were many!)

The visit to the top of the lighthouse was a fun little outing.

We also enjoyed the flowers and other bird life.


That's all for now!

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