The Great 2017 Solar Eclipse

We had the wonderful opportunity to visit with friends in beautiful Alta, Wyoming for the 2017 Solar Eclipse. (In an ironic twist, Anika who had first mentioned this eclipse in 2013 could not join us due to mandatory college counselor training - so we hope to join her for the next one in 2024!)

Special thanks to Cindy for opening her house and yard to us - it was an amazing visit for an amazing event!


Below are some images from the event

 (Clicking on an image below will bring up a larger version of it.)


Shortly after the start of the eclipse - group photo with all eyes to the sky.

(For a change, no one was complaining about looking into the sun to get the light angle right for the photographer :-) )

Fun with a colander and eclipse crescents 

Almost 100% . . . sky is much darker, there's a blue hue to the light, and it's gotten materially cooler temperature-wise.

(For eagle-eyed viewers, the Solarscope inverts the image, so this is just before totality rather than after.)

Almost 100% - what you may not immediately notice is how much less light there is.  The exposure on this photo is a full 7 stops greater than the group photo above - in other words, I needed to let about 128 times more light in to get the exposure right.  You can tell the slow shutter speed by the motion blurs.

Totality - Trying to capture the corona

Totality - Looking at the solar prominences

Totality ending - the diamond ring

Crop of the diamond/Bailey's Beads and prominences

Totality ending  -  HDR Merge



Time to put the solar filter back on the lens - was that really 2 minutes?!


And just like that, it was over. . . according to NASA and the camera timestamps, the totality lasted over 2 minutes.  This was my first total solar eclipse, however,  and my perception was that it was over in like 30 seconds - it went by WAY TOO FAST! 


But I'm hooked . . . so, I've marked our calendar for April 8, 2024 (unless Anika wants to try earlier in South America :-) ). 

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