Claremont Greenshirts @ 2014 D-III National Championships

(Westerville, Ohio)


 If you like the comments, thank Tasha. If you don't, they're definitely my dad's fault.

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I love the ponytail here.

...continuing the series of fantastic expressions while catching

Way to step out, Joey! : )

Going up for the D...                                                      ...and coming down with it.



Check out that high-release flick!

 Sick D!


I love this sequence.


"I'm so muddy!"

(still so muddy, and still ruling the field)

Casual levitation



Skying skeleton-hands


Here's the score-and-celebrate, for both Red and Steve.



Got a little Skull ponytail going on here

Sweet catch and roll (don't land on your knees!)

...and checking whether the observer calls it in.

It was a little muddy on both days.

Doing the bag.

This was actually a successful D. Elbow D all day!

Another successful D!


Team hug!

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