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N1066P - The Nitty Gritty Details

Bottom line, this thing is loaded, and daddy loves it!

Serial Number: E-3006
Total Time: 815 hrs (Dec. 2002)
Engine Time: 815 hrs

Garmin GNS-530 Nav/Com/GPS IFR Approach Certified
KLN-90B GPS - Certified IFR and Approaches (yes, a 2nd, IFR approved GPS)
Argus 7000CE coupled to KLN-90B
Ryan TCAD 9900B coupled to Argus and Garmin (what daddy thought was a "bell and whistle" is now a "required item" around here - spots other airplane traffic usually before they're visible)
WX-950 Stormscope (for avoiding big, ugly thunderstorms)
JPI Graphic Engine Monitor (model 700)
Shadin Fuel Flow Computer (tied to the JPI)
KX-165-25 Nav/Com/GS (two VOR's and glideslopes!)
KR-87 ADF with KI-227-01 Slaved Heading Indicator
KN-63 DME with KDI-572 Indicator, DME Hold, Nav 1/Nav 2 Switching
KT-70 Mode S Transponder
KMA-24-03 Audio Control/Marker Beacon Receiver
KEA-130A Encoding Altimeter
KFC-150 Automatic Flight Control System w/ KCS-55A HSI, KI-256 Flight Command
Indicator, KI-256 Flight Controller, KA-185 Remote Mode Annunciator
KAS-297B Altitude/Vertical Speed Preselector 

KFC-150 Yaw Damper

(basically, this thing flies like a commercial plane on the autopilot - if daddy wants, he can turn on the autopilot shortly after take off and turn it off about 200' above the ground before landing.  But that takes away most of the fun, so he generally only uses it during the cruise and initial descent portion of the flight!)
David Clark 6 Place Intercom
Wired for Bose X headsets in the cockpit
Pilotís and Copilotís Control Wheel Mic Button

Other Equipment:
Air Conditioner (growing up on little Cessna's, daddy didn't think this would be important - wrong!!)
B&C Standby Alternator System

Electric Standby Air Pressure ("vacuum") pump
Gamijector Fuel Injector Nozzles
Executive Writing Desk (that's that tray table in the back)
Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
G&D Tinted Window Inserts (help keep the inside cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter)

Rosen Sun Visors - 3 axis
Strobe Lights - 3 Light System
Courtesy Lights and Timer
Bottom Mounted Red Rotating Beacon
Pilotís Control Wheel Map Light

Copilot Brakes

Reiff engine pre-heater (to avoid engine damage and to ease starting in that cold, northern weather)

AstroTech Panel Mounter Quartz Chronometer (there's actually 3 timers on board - guess we got a little carried away)

Main Gear Taxi Lights (great on the ground for taxiing and during the final approach to make us look like a small jet :-))

Daddy's wish list (stay tuned):

Tip Tanks (to give us more carrying capacity and/or another hour or two of fuel - we currently can't make Dallas non-stop)

Another 30 knots or so (what else is new?)

"Known icing" (FIKI) capability


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